If you are willing to use Microsoft's .NET platform, the SharpVectorGraphics project is already doing this.  SVG# is an open source project that is building SVG components on the .NET platform.  The core pieces are the SVG-DOM and the SVG to GDI+ Rendering engine.  Both parts are up and working, but not all of the SVG spec is supported yet.  If you want you can try it out at http://www.donxml.com/SharpVectors/CurrentBuild.aspx


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From: "Walid Ismail"
Subject: RE: Exporting SVG to raster image
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 11:55:10 +0200
Our solution will be based on Microsoft technologies (using IIS, ASP, etc...). So I guess this means that the php solution is not applicable. My question is: What are the client side requirements of Batik?
Thanks again,
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From: Roger Fischer [mailto:roger.fischer@bitflux.ch]
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Subject: RE: Exporting SVG to raster image
BATIK is the word:)
and if you use PHP, visit:
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To: www-svg@w3.org
Subject: Exporting SVG to raster image
I am evaluating using SVG tools (Adobe SVG) as a possible solution to create interactive web graphical content. One of the requirements of the project that I am working on is that the user should be able to export the resultant graphic in BMP or JPEG format.
Is there a way to export SVG to raster format (BMP or JPEG)? Is this part of the spec? or it is vender implementation dependent?
Does SVG support belnding/transparent graphics?

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