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Re: 1.2 feedback: Streaming

From: Jim Ley <jim@jibbering.com>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 19:50:25 -0000
To: www-svg@w3.org
Message-ID: <arm1ra$pca$1@main.gmane.org>

"Vadim Plessky" <plessky@cnt.ru> wrote in message

> Well, I would believe that SMS is *used widely*, but can you compare it
> say, number of e-mails circulating around?
> I think ration would be 100:1 (100 mails per one SMS written)

That would make (for the UK) 5billion non-spam/automated email messages
_every_ day, which is ludicrous, I don't even believe with spam we're
going to get to that for the UK market, (50 million peer 2 peer sms's
sent per day in the UK source is the Mobile Data Association)  So yes I
think it is comparable, of course it's a one 2 one (in general)
communication media unlike email which can easily be one 2 many so on
emails recieved you're probably right, but on sending I would put sms

> Anyway, SMS is *stone age* comparing to SVG.

but it's an illustration of how data use on mobile phones is something
people want, but as I say I'm not optimistic about SVG short term on the
mobile platform either.

> |  Then of course we look into Japan and South Korea etc. where data
> |  services make up an even larger proportion of their revenues, and
> |  web use, and a lot of it.  Yes it's regional but don't assume your
> |  regional mobile use reflects world wide use.
> Market in S.Korea and Japan is *very different* form US or Europe.

Of course, but SVG is a tool, so if it's relevant tool to the market, we
should discuss it, and ensure that it meets the needs of that market,
SVG-Mobile does this (well maybe, there's some debate it would seem, and
I personally despite being a high mobile data user would never use
something smaller than a PDA for accessing content and I'm not a
developer in the area I couldn't really judge - IVR is as close as I

[TV's etc]
> Current UI in those devices is terrible.

Definately!  and with many they are generally HTML/Javascript based
systems, so extending to SVG may well come in the future.

> Well, about bandwidth savings - they do exist, and savings are quite hu
> Of course, saving also depends on kind of browser/supported compression
> protocols, and power of CPU in your device.
> For example, my SVG icon them is about 3.8MB in pre-rendered pixmap
> (and there is no way to build into PDA such huge amount of data), but
> around 300K zipped, or just 70K .tar.bzip'ed.
> I doubt though that mobile phones or WIndows CE (Pocket PC) PDAs would
> .tar.bz2 ;-))

my iPaq supports tar.bz2 ...  the point is though that in downloading a
single static graphic for a 100x100 256 colour raster, there's not much
saving in a svg stream over the svg source, and the processing
requirements are a lot higher, so I don't see static graphics as relevant
to SVG mobile, but as I say, I'm not big on the industry (but have been
to a few conferences on the subject in recent weeks)

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