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Re: SVG 1.2 General feedback

From: Vadim Plessky <plessky@cnt.ru>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 18:06:57 +0300
To: www-svg@w3.org
Cc: Carl Worth <cworth@east.isi.edu>
Message-Id: <200211201806.58259.plessky@cnt.ru>

On Wednesday 20 November 2002 3:38 pm, Tobias Reif wrote:
|  Vadim Plessky wrote:
|  > Quotes from Carl Worth's mail:
|  is this cworth@handhelds.org ?

Carl Worth <cworth@east.isi.edu>, at least that's an address I am aware of.
I cc: Carl, as some of your questions are really to him, not to me.

|  >  I've [Carl Worth] been running xsvg on the tests from the W3C SVG
|  > conformance suite. For the tests which pass I have been posting source
|  > SVG files, xsvg results and the reference images at:
|  >
|  >        http://keithp.com/~cworth/svg/conformance/
|  There's interesting stuff, like
|  http://keithp.com/~cworth/svg/conformance/rendering-orderGr-BE-01-xsvg.png
|  etc
|  Perhaps you or Carl want to submit result tables for inclusion in the
|  result table for SVG1.1? (I'm not sure what the requirements are though;
|  perhaps there needs to be some release ... but since the code seems to
|  be available via CVS, it should be OK)

I think that's up to Carl.
He told me that "some things needs to be finished first" (and I fully agree 
here), but may be it worth to include info about XSVG in W3C matrix (of SVG 
implementations), so we will attract new developers?..

|  > The purpose of this mailing list is to discuss SVG support for the X
|  > Window System.
|  Really exciting! That means SVG might get deeply incorporated in Linux
| etc?

Well, SVG is already incorporated into Linux. :-)
There are Sodipodi (http://sodipodi.sourceforge.net) and Karbon14 
(http://www.koffice.org) vector-drawing applications, and both apps are built 
on top of SVG drawing primitives and XML format.
And librsvg2 is part of any Linux Desktop with GNOME2 installed (which is 
almost  all RedHat installs, and significant part of Mandrake installs)

But I agree with you - if we have SVG as a system-level API (say, part of 
XFree86 install, or as very light X extension), this would give extra energy 
to SVG adoption on Linux (and *BSD).
As there are some BeOS clones out there building BeOS API / system on top of X
(check http://www.BlueEyedOS.com), it can be that those systems would benefit, 

|  > Just imagine for a second that Windows GDI API is capable to render SVG
|  > files, so that no SVG plugin for MS IE or Netscape is required.
|  > And you will get an idea what I am speaking about.
|  Wow.
|  > I am working on "content" part at the moment (SVG icons).
|  > You can see some details at:
|  > http://freshmeat.net/projects/svg-icons/
|  Yep, I saw your site; keep up the good work!


|  > SVG sources are available upon request,
|  ... freely available, online, would be better :)

They are *free*, even more *free* than GPL - as I decided to go for BSD 
license. So, there is no "viral aspect" in my SVg icons (as Big Brother may 
They are just not in *best shape* - I guess you would not like 6 varaiants for 
the same icon, it would give more confusion than clarification.
You can find sources at:
you need  

Some people reported slow connection to that site - that's why I estabilished 
project page at SourceForge.  But I really don't wnat to put some unfinished 
stuff on SF, as it can contribute to bad image.

|  > I can just mention that I tested them
|  > (in addition to renderers on Linux) with Adobe SVG plugin on WIndows,
|  > and they are rendered ok.
|  In addition, I suggest to validate the SVG documents, with at least one
|  good validator (eg libxml's xmllint).

Ah, you are right.
I wish I had time to do that - but so far I hope that SVG files produced by 
Sodipodi have valid XML.
Sodipodi uses libxml2, so I doubt that something is wrong with those files.
(in that case, Sodipodi needs to be fixed)

|  > For example, Adobe SVG plugin freezes my WIndows from time to time.
|  Please submit bug reports at
|  http://www.adobe.com/svg/feedback/bugreport.html

Well, I don't have much time at a moment, and I also think that supporting 
closed-source projects ( bug reports are part of QA process) is not very good 
Not that I would request everyone to open their code.
I just made my choice. I am with Open-Soorce.  :-)

|  > |  Are there viewers/browsers/players in the works using these libs?
|  >
|  > * xsvg is X-based (XFree86-based) viewer/renderer using libsvg and
|  > libxrsvg.
|  Is there a homepage for this viewer?

Carl, what about web page for XSVG?

|  Again: it would be great to see an xsvg column in the SVG1.1 test suite
|  results table (to be linked from http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/Test/ )
|  > * GNOME2's Eye of Gnome (image viewer) and  Nautilus2 utilize librsvg2
|  > to render SVG in GNOME/GTK environment
|  > * there is a 'ksvgtopng' application (part of kdelibs from KDE 3.1)
|  > which converts SVG to PNG. It shares a lot of code with KSVG.
|  It's really great to hear that so much is going on :)

Sometimes I am surprised, too.  ;-)

|  > One of advantage this can provide is hardware-accelerated rendering (in
|  > particular, for SVG).
|  This might become even more significant as soon as animation is supported.
|  Tobi

Best Regards,

Vadim Plessky
SVG Icons
Received on Wednesday, 20 November 2002 10:09:32 UTC

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