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RE: 1.2 feedback: Streaming

From: Thierry Kormann <tkormann@ilog.fr>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 10:57:53 +0100
To: "Niklas Gustavsson" <niklas@protocol7.com>, <www-svg@w3.org>

> There are many possible uses for streaming, e.g.:
> * "movies" - this is probably the biggest area for Flash right
> now. Could be
> animated instructions, feature walk-throughs, intros and much more.
> Streaming makes it possible to have a >100kb movie that still
> plays without
> a long waiting time. I think this is the most important case.

A Jon said, I don't think this is the market place for SVG.

> * applications - load the initial user interface first, load in
> functionality later

Using the extensions getURL/parseXML, you can already do load-on-demande
(custom or XML datas). Those methods are implemented in both ASV and Batik
and should be in some way or another part of SVG1.2.

> * level-of-detail images - such as maps.

See previously. load-on-demand can already be done.


To me, simple guidelines on how to author your SVG content such as the
viewer can display things without having the whole document in memory is
also a solution. I don't think (at this time) that we need to add anything
in SVG apart from getURL/parseXML.

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