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Re: Patterns and Clipping (Adobe SVG Plug-In)

From: Jeff Tupper / Pedagoguery Software Inc <tupper@peda.com>
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 19:53:00 -0500
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To: www-svg@w3.org

Thanks for the information.

When I try the samples/tests/patternRegions.svg example with the 
Adobe SVG plug-in (version 3 beta), the output doesn't match the 
output from Batik.

Is the Adobe SVG plug-in incorrectly handling patterns with visible 
overflow? I didn't see a mention of this in the CurrentSupport.pdf 

I am trying to add SVG export to Tess (http://www.peda.com/tess) but 
not having much luck with patterned fills in SVG.


>The Batik SVG viewer does what you are asking for:
>In the distribution, you can look at the
>I hope this helps.
>Jeff Tupper / Pedagoguery Software Inc wrote:
>>  Could someone please provide me with an example of an SVG graphic
>>  that contains an element filled with a pattern whose elements are not
>>  clipped to the bounds of the pattern tile (by appropriately setting
>>  the "overflow" property)?
>>  I tried with the Adobe SVG browser plug-in (v2 beta) and didn't 
>>have much luck.
>>  It seems that this should be possible. Here is a quote from the SVG
>>  specification:
>>  --------------
>>  SVG's user agent style sheet sets the 'overflow' property for
>>  'pattern' elements to hidden, which causes a rectangular clipping
>>  path to be created at the bounds of the pattern tile. Unless the
>>  'overflow' property is overridden, any graphics within the pattern
>>  which goes outside of the pattern rectangle will be clipped.
>>  --------------

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