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Something wrong with Establish new viewports in 1.0 specification!

From: Robert DiBlasi <r_diblasi@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2001 16:27:15 +0000
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SVGers.....W3C SVG Editor, Working Team, SVG Developers

Is the 1.0 PR SVG spec wrong, unclear,right, etc.....about:

7.9 Elements that establish new viewports

I have spent the good portion of a day trying to figure this out.
please help me! :-)

I asked Jon Ferraiolo (editor of SVG Spec) this question once and he gave me 
this answer:

quick question......am I right about the elements that establish viewports?

Exactly correct.

section 7.9  states:

The following elements establish new viewports:
1) 'svg'
2) 'sysmbol'
3) 'image'
4) 'foreignObject

No mention of:
1) 'pattern'
2) 'marker'

I think the 1.0 specification does not define "all the elements
that establish new viewports" in this section....Am I correct?

If it does not .....IMO...it should....It referenced several times
in the specification as the location to look for information
about elements that establish new viewports

If you look at section 7.7 The viewBox attribute

the second paragraph states:

All elements that establish a new viewport (see elements that establish 
viewports), plus the 'marker', 'pattern' and 'view' elements have attribute 

but.....if you go to the DTD of SVG

you will see that:
1) Image does not have a viewbox...possible another mistake :-(
2) foreignObject does not have a viewbox...possible another mistake :-(

Is the DTD of SVG correct or 7.7 correct?

I think you see what I am get at....something is not
explained completely and this is the specification
for developers use.....needs to be complete...IMO :-)

And last but not least........What is the difference between:
"new viewport" and "viewport" as it is used in the DTD

<!-- The following presentation attributes apply to elements that establish 
viewports. -->
please note the "elements that establish viewports" is a link to ....you 
guessed it..7.9

there are ...I think 15 or 16 elements that use
"the ENTITY % PresentationAttributes-Viewports"

Can anyone explain to me how they fit into this?

Sorry to make such a big deal.........but I really do read the 
specification!! and I really do want to make learning SVG as easy as 
possible on the Development community!! ......
and as I like to say

We all learn by sharing what we know :-)
Robert A. DiBlasi

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