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Is SVG supported in NN6?

From: Chiluvuri, Raju <Raju.Chiluvuri@kla-tencor.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 12:02:53 -0800
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Hello Mr. Kevin & Mr. Lilley,

      I have 2 question about SVG, I will greatly appreciate
if you can answer them.

(i). Is SVG supported in NN6?

(ii). If and when it is supported, can I embed SVG code in the 
HTML code in the web-page?

      Here what I mean is, if I have created XML/DOM code for an Image. 
Can I copy the code in to the web-page file or I have to create an external 
file say "xxx.svg" and include this file in the web-page file, as we do for 
"GIF" images today?

      I prefer to embed the code for small SVG-images like "tabs", which
requires less than 10 lines of code. As you know, with in 10 lines of 
SVG/DOM code we can create many simple yet very useful effects.

It will create a lot of overhead, if we have to create many files for each
small image/effect we create using SVG. So I wish I have an options 
to embed 'SVG' code in the web-page file.

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