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Re: SVG MIME types

From: Jon Ferraiolo <jferraio@Adobe.COM>
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 13:41:55 -0800
Message-Id: <200003062138.NAA11098@mail-345.corp.Adobe.COM>
To: sdickson@savagesoftware.com (Steve Dickson)
Cc: www-svg@w3.org
The text was supposed to say that there are two DTDs and one MIME type,

At one point, it was pointed out that there are two distinct languages, so
we need two different MIME types so that various software components can
know which language they are dealing with. But the other perspective is
that it is just one language, with two "variants", so only one MIME type,
and this perspective is reflected in the March 3 spec.

(At this point, I will quickly duck my head)

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG Editor
Adobe Systems Incorporated

At 11:46 AM 3/6/00 -0800, Steve Dickson wrote:
>In the new spec of 2000/03/03, section 1.2 states that:
>"The SVG language has two distinct forms, each with its own DTD and its
>own MIME type."
>However, section 1.3 states that:
>"The MIME type for SVG is "image/svg-xml"."
>What are the (anticipated) MIME types for Stylable and Exchange SVG
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