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Re: Colorgradient

From: Dominik Lenné <dominik.lenne@uumail.de>
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 14:24:15 +0200
Message-ID: <017001bfd3a0$5114a9c0$023be195@default>
To: <www-svg@w3.org>
Hi Jon.

> I believe that the gradient mesh feature that is in PostScript Level 3 and
> PDF 1.3 would satisfy your needs.

I looked at the Adobe pages about gradient meshes and  - yes, that´s about
the direction I had in mind. My proposition is somehow more general in
allowing really arbitrarily complex surrounding paths, but the 4 point
Bézier element will do the job.
Care should be taken, that, as each vertex can be used by several elements,
vertex data are only transmitted once and then referenced by number or name.
Also, it should be possible to merge 2 of the 4 points, to get a 3 sided
element, and to use one vertex for more than 4 elements (kind of hub of a
And perhaps it is not a bad idea to allow for colour jumps from element to
element, that is, the possibility of as many colours assigned to a vertex as
elements using it.

> supporting this feature. It is unlikely that such a major feature would be
> added at this late date for SVG 1.0

I´m aware of that.

Regards, Dominik Lenné
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