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foreignObject questions

From: Leonard Rosenthol <leonardr@lazerware.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 11:49:46 -0400
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To: <www-svg@w3.org>
In my SVG tools, I am looking at implementing foreignObject to 
support text wrapping (as per the recommendations of the 20000629 
spec).  However, in doing so, come up with a number of unanswered 
questions, that I hope someone can answer for me.

First, a hopefully simple one.  Are coordinates (and transforms) 
inside of a foreignObject relative a new "origin" just for that 
object, or absolute on the entire SVG document?

Second, the specs (20000629) state that items inside of a 
foreignObject are "(subject to SVG transformations and compositing)", 
yet I don't see how that information would either be passed along to 
the "object renderer" OR how the "object renderer" is to return 
information that can then be transformed/composited.

And third, following up on that, are the transforms that are "in 
place" (currently on the "state stack") at the time the foreignObject 
is to be rendered applied AFTER the entire object is rendered OR it 
to be used as a starting transform for the object contents?

Thanks in advance,

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