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Announcing SVGView 0.3a

From: <klawrenc@us.ibm.com>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 13:27:21 -0500
To: www-svg@w3.org
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Dear SVG users, prototypers and other interested parties,

Announcing IBM SVGView 0.3a

We have just released the latest update to our SVG viewer (SVGView) which is
available for download from our alphaWorks web site at

SVGView is a Java 2 application that uses Java2D and IBM's XML4J parser to
parse, process and diaplay SVG files.  SVGView has a comprehensive user
interface that supports such things as zooming, panning, links, bookmarks,
history, source viewing, validation warnings and more.

In this release we have focussed on three major items:

1. Massively improving the support for reading SVG files over the internet.
2. Bringing all of the functionality up to the "last call" spec level.
3. Including as many features and fixes as possible from requests we have

Of particular note....


The following features have been added:

  a. The ability to view a remote SVG file by giving it's URL.
  b. Support for socks servers
  c. Support for getting to SVG files outside of a firewall using socks.
  d. Automatic local caching of remote DTD's for later off-line viewing.
     (without needing to edit the SVG file).


All of the features that were in the previous release of the viewer (0.2a) have
been updated to match the last call level (19990812) of the SVG Specificationa
and DTD.  We have also added support for some additional SVG features. Most
significantly support for paths has been updated to support the commands as
defined by the 19990812 spec and this includes support for the new elliptical
arc syntax.


All of the samples have been updated to match the 19990812 spec.

More samples have been added and there are now close to 80 fully annotated
in the samples directory.

Please see the very comprehensive readme.txt file for full details of what's
new, what's supported and what's not currently supported.

We really appreciate all of the feedback and comments we have received so far.
You can send us feedback or tell us about problems by adding a message to our
SVGView discussion group which is available off the SVGView home page.

Many thanks for your time,

Kelvin Lawrence
IBM Emerging Technologies Team
Austin. Texas.
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