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Re: Crying for a client

From: Antonio Ribalaygua <arb@imapper.com>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 20:49:17 +0100
Message-Id: <>
To: www-svg@w3.org
First of all, is there any PDF or HTML with thw whole spec on one file? 

I use a phone connection, so I would like to review it off-line. And I
prefer only one file so I can find easily concrete texts.

Second: Excuse my awful English. O:-)

>> I promise to have the server working and an on-line demo in a few days
>> after receiving the client.

>That would be excellent. However, I suggest that the server should
>bemade to generate valid SVG and not work around the particular
>capabilities of the first client you get. There will be, in the future,
>many clients. Also, be prepared to track developments as the SVG
>specification matures over several months.

Ok. Thanks for the suggestion. We'll follow it.

>While you wait for a client, could I ask for your detailed feedback on
>the curtrent specification? Glad you liked it overall; I would be
>particularly interested to hear of which particular features met your
>wishes (so we have feedback that these are definitely required).

I liked:

1. Groups. They will make our SVG output much smaller. If I have 300
building polygons, I only define once filling, stroking, etc, and for each
building just write the points, no other properties.

2. Relative coords will also help on smaller code.

3. Clipping is also helpful, so server can output complete features.
Altough it may be also done via CSS, yours is better for certain jobs.

I have some suggestions/questions interesting for us, the GI guys. Mike
Gould and I are putting them alltogether and will submit it to the list
next week.

>> As a contribution to the standard development, I think mapping apps are a
>> great benchmark for the format, as they deal with hundreds (or thousands)
>> of paths.

>Yes, I completely agree and would be very pleased to see your mapping
>server support SVG. Will you be at XML Europe 99 in Granada, Spain? I
>will be there and would be glad of the opportunity to discuss with you

I'm trying to arrange it, but I have another important obligation on that
days. Mike Gould will be there to read our co-presentation "Implementation
of Vector Markup Language for cartographic data applications" (Afternoon,
Tuesday 27th April 1999, Track: Graphics technologies).

>You should aske them about that (although they are welcome to announce
>support plans in this forum). In general, for customer-driven markets
>suchg as consumer software, it is wise to ensure that the vendor knows
>about customer requirements for specific features (such as native SVG
>support). If you or your clients want to see SVG support, make sure that
>browser manufactirers know about this.


>Try www.browserwatch.com to see what browsers are in the market (there
>are more than two) ;-)

Really?  Here, in planet earth?  Are you sure?  :-O  O:-D

Saludos, Toño.
Antonio Ribalaygua
XYZ Sistemas Industriales, S.A.
email: arb@imapper.com
ICQ 12791190
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