Re: New HTML/CSS-based word processor for Windows 95 and NT. LOOKING FOR BETA TESTERS

Carl Johan Berglund wrote, at 16:30 +0100 on 17.9.97:

> Wouldn't you like to put together a document describing your
> proposed extensions to CSS, so that all of us not using Windows
> can discuss them? I would also like to know how much of CSS
> you have implemented. CSS1? CSS positioning? Printing exten-
> sions?

I agree that this is a very interesting product, and would also be
interested in testing a Mac OS version. One obvious direction for
exploration, I think, would be to make the native format an HTML-based kind
of XML, and have HTML as an output format, with classed DIVs and SPANs
taking over for non-HTML elements.

Extensions to CSS are, perhaps, inevitable to some degree. Where it gets
especially objectionable is when ad-hoc extensions are redundant (and
incompatible) with planned ones. It sounds like some of your printing
extensions are home-grown versions of the W3C working draft. What are the
chances you'll be reworking your code to match the emerging standard?

Todd Fahrner