Re: New HTML/CSS-based word processor for Windows 95 and NT. LOOKING FOR BETA TESTERS


I would have loved to beta test this product - but I work on a
Macintosh. Please tell me when your first Mac OS version is
availabe. You referred to "Vodka" as a "cross platform" tech-
nology, so I guess I can count on it!

Wouldn't you like to put together a document describing your
proposed extensions to CSS, so that all of us not using Windows
can discuss them? I would also like to know how much of CSS
you have implemented. CSS1? CSS positioning? Printing exten-

Best regards,
Carl Johan Berglund

Carl Johan Berglund <carl.johan.berglund@adverb.se>
Adverb Information, http://www.adverb.se

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