Re: Link colors (correction)

EMeyer writes:

 > Let me try that again, only this time with the correct syntax for classed
 > anchor pseudo-classes.  Here's what I meant to write:
 >    <STYLE type="text/css">
 >    A.sidebar:link {color: #990000;}
 >    A.sidebar:visited {color: #990000;}
 >    </STYLE>
 >    <DIV class="sidebar">
 >       ...sidebar links and other content...
 >    </DIV>
 > In penance for my error, I promise to say three Hail Hakons.

You might have to add a few more. I believe you want something a la:

   <STYLE type="text/css">
     DIV.sidebar A:link {color: #990000;}
     DIV.sidebar A:visited {color: #990000;}

   <DIV class="sidebar">
      ...sidebar links and other content...



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