Problems w/Font Size

I have a real problem when using font sizes with stylesheets.  My essential
problem is this: the incredible discrepancy in sizes between Macs and PCs,
IE and Netscape.  IF I specify specific font-sizes, then I have a problem
with legibility between the Mac/Windows platforms.  If I specify a
font-size of 8pt on the PC, it looks fine on the PC but unreadable on the
Mac.  However, if I use  words instead (ie, x-small, small, medium, etc.),
then the size differences between Netscape and Internet Explorer come to
the surface.

Can anyone figure out a way, short of Javascript (UGH!) to define font
sizes so that they are readable on both Mac and PC platforms and on
Netscape and IE?

BTW: The reason I need to be able to use small font-sizes (which sometimes
become miniscule on Mac systems) is that I am using this font in a sidebar
which I want to be fairly small.  If the font size is too large, then there
won't be enough room for the rest of the page.

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