Re: CSS1.0 Cleanup - magnification

Liam Quinn wrote:
> Haven't used Opera, have you?

No, which doesn't make me unusual. What in Opera relates to a CSS1
magnification property?
> Since the reader has no idea what environment a particular document
> authored under, that environment must be inconsequential to the
> rendering of an HTML document.

If by "successful rendering" you mean legibility, that is not true. An
author using presentational markup that affects font size typically
chooses sizes based on their own display, and specifies those sizes in
pixels or points. The appearance is dependent on the pixel density or
pixels-per-measure of the reader's display.

If authors specify font sizes in ems or percentages using CSS1, type
can be sized relative to the default size used on the reader's display
and legibility is assured.

David Perrell