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At 20:42 -0400 23.8.97, Joel N. Weber II wrote:

> Having a points to pixels mapping *per user* would be stupid; I've
> used several different telnet programs, X servers, etc.  It might
> be useful, though, for a user to ask for everything to be multiplied by
> some factor, to accomodate near-blindness, etc.

Personal magnification and personal point-pixel mappings amount to
precisely the same thing, unless I'm missing something.

Today I was imagining a future user setup procedure ("wizard?") that
queries users how large they'd like to display a common coin, based on
their language/nationality. This would let everybody reach into their
pockets and establish a meaningful relationship between literal physical
units like points and the vagaries of the display system, allowing even for
factors like reading distance, which is typically greater than with print.

Until then, "em" is about as meaningful and user-friendly a unit as can be

Todd Fahrner

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