New Working Draft of CSS-P

Those of you who have been trying out the new CSS Positioning 
extensions with the early implementations (MSIE 4, NSC 4) will
want to check out the recently released Working Draft


The CSS-P described in this draft was developed in between 
January and July 1997 by the CSS Working Group, and has been
implemented in NSC 4 and MSIE 4, so those experimenting with 
the extensions will find that they work ;-) unlike the earlier 
(January) draft. 

Those of you who submitted bug reports about those two browsers, 
please go back and recode your examples according to the new 
public draft. You will probably find that the bugs were due to 
a version mismatch. Any remaining bugs should, of course, be 
reported to the relevant vendor.

Any comments or discussion about the draft itself should be 
sent to www-style@w3.org, which will be monitored and 
reported to the Working Group.

chris@w3.org, calling in from an internet cafe.

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