Re: Current Downloadable Font Status....

On Fri, 22 Aug 1997, Chris Lilley wrote:

> On Aug 21,  9:15pm, Todd Fahrner wrote:
> > I thought a major strength of live text/fonts over artwork was that the
> > former could be searched, cut-and-pasted, etc. Yet here you've got "X"
> > invoking a "Qu" ligature.
> Sigh. The Microsoft pages have whole words represented by a single letter.
> Lets all repeat, after three, "A sequence of bytes is not a sequence of
> characters is not a sequence of glyph identifiers".
> And then, "I will map my Pi characters to the Unicode Private Use Area".

This is one possibility, but it's confusing. I guess we should go
one step further. What about adding some attributes to OBJECT, so
that we can say:

<OBJECT PI-FONT="Bundesbahn" GLYPH-IDENTIFIER="47">Alt Gif goes here</OBJECT>

For a font with only one glyph, GLYPH-IDENTIFIER could be left out.
Probably we would also need a size attribute, but I guess the right
way to provide it, as well as other presentation attributes, would
be via style.

Chris, should I submit this proposal to the HTML WG?

Regards,	Martin.

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