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On Aug 21,  9:15pm, Todd Fahrner wrote:

> Leaving aesthetic and legal opinions aside for a moment, my main beef with
> Netscape's implementation of TrueDoc has to do with the introduction of the
> POINT-SIZE attribute to FONT. There's both a usability issue and a
> standards issue:

I agree, but the same PFR can also be used from pukka stylesheets.
Similarly, EOTs can be used from stylesheets or from tagmesses.

> I may be ill-informed here, but is it not the case that one must specify
> both a font color and background color when one "rolls" the non-font font
> ("portable font resource")?

I would appreciate confirmation or rebuttal of this point from Bitstream.
I thought this was a scalable outline being transported.

> And what's up with the character encoding? The test page at this address:
> http://www.bitstream.com/world/textest2.htm
> ...still looks like this after downloading "98% of 43K":
> http://www.verso.com/agitprop/truedoc/Xality.GIF .*
> I thought a major strength of live text/fonts over artwork was that the
> former could be searched, cut-and-pasted, etc. Yet here you've got "X"
> invoking a "Qu" ligature.

Sigh. The Microsoft pages have whole words represented by a single letter.

Lets all repeat, after three, "A sequence of bytes is not a sequence of
characters is not a sequence of glyph identifiers".

And then, "I will map my Pi characters to the Unicode Private Use Area".

> * the screwed-up text below the "Xality" line is an artifact of SmoothType,
> not of TrueDoc.


Has anyone seen the anti-aliasing of TrueType on the Be platform?

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