Re: Negative percentages for ACSS pause properties

On Aug 4,  6:38pm, Liam Quinn wrote:

>   If a UA is to handle negative pauses of any amount, it must
> process the entire document before rendering any of it.  While specifying -
> 1000s is silly, UAs will need to be aware of some kind of minimum value (-
> 5s?) to allow rendering while the document is loaded.

I don't think that requiring buffering is going to add much value. I would
be glad of arguments for and against.

> If ACSS allows negative pauses, I think it should give a suggested minimum
> that UAs should consider, or (probably better) specify that UAs can
> arbitrarily set negative pauses to any larger amount up to zero.

That would make the stylesheets somewhat less interoperable, I suspect.

>  With the
> latter option, UAs could set their own threshold (perhaps based on the
> amount of buffering the UA does), and could change extremely small values
> like -1000s to something more reasonable, like -5s or 0.

Note that setting buffering to 5s means accepting an additional 5s
delay between clicking on a link and getting any of the content, compared
to the situation where negative values are not allowed.

There are probably better ways to synchronise different media.

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