Font-face Descriptors for Matching

Is this part of the CSS1 spec, or am I on the wrong list?

After reading "http://www.w3.org/TR/WD-font" I have some comments:

Items 4.5.2-8 seem derived from the font descriptors of Adobe Acrobat/ATM 
(I therefore wasn't surprised to see Adobe staff on the authors list). 
Can I assume that these descriptors are to be interpreted by ATM, using 
the Adobe Sans/Serif Multiple Masters as their base?

If so I'd suggest that the full range of available Descriptors is used, 
rather than this subset. Some of the missing descriptors include flags 
for italic (rather than "slope"), script, sans or serif, non-roman fonts, 
small caps, all caps or symbol fonts.

May I also suggest that provision is made for the synthesis to be 
generated from fonts other than the common Adobe Multiple Masters as 
supplied with ATM/Acrobat. Should anyone be generous enough to donate 
such to the global font pool.