Negative percentages for ACSS pause properties

When I wrote the initial version of ACSS, I was
initially  inclined to outlaw negative pause durations; however I did not do
so  because I also felt (and still feel)
that the area of aural renderings is not as well explored as the area of
visual presentation, and I would like to the ACSS spec to permit the maximum
possible level of experimentation.

The nice thing about the WWW is that it is very easy to share user experiences
among a wide range of users --simply implement it in a browser, have a WWW
page that uses the feature, and have a bunch of users try it--
in my opinion there is no better way to test out and experiment different
rendering strategis.

To return to the specific question here:

negative pauses could for instance be used in a software
synthesis environment to superimpose multiple channels of apeech and
non-speech auditory output.
Of course, care needs to be taken in how one uses it--
e.g. specifying that the star spangled banner be played at time t - 100mss
as the start event for a document abstract  may be appropriate, but saying
that it start 1000s before the abstract is spoken is probably silly.

(s == seconds ms == milliseconds)

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