Re: CSS vs. transitional markup [was: No Subject]

Douglas Rand wrote:
> Not the way it's been defined.  That's the problem.  They did this
> nasty thing in the definition you posted - they placed the properties
> *between* the UA and the author's stylesheet.  I'm not convinced that
> elements like FONT can even work with that definition.  It looks to
> as if *any* font-family property will turn off FONT FACE, or
> turns off FONT SIZE,  even if the properties are for a parent
> e.g. BODY or HTML.

Why would any font-family property turn off FONT FACE? A declared
property takes precedence over an inherited one, even if the
declaration is of lowest possible weight.

As for precedence, I see what you mean. I think the spec should be
changed. HTML attributes should be positioned lowest in the relative
weight heirarchy. This means a user will be able to override an
author's HTML ALIGN property in their stylesheet, but so what? All an
author need do is duplicate the inline HTML attribute with a CSS
property to insure precedence.

David Perrell