Re: Negative percentages for ACSS pause properties

On Aug 4,  4:02pm, Liam Quinn wrote:

> The current ACSS Working Draft [1] does not forbid negative percentages
> for pause-before, pause-after, and pause.  However, these properties take
> either a percentage or a time, and time values cannot be negative.

Good catch. The intention was not to allow negative values, because
in a time-based layout dimension negative values tend to require new
laws of physics, or excessive buffering; both are bad.

> It
> seems as if the intention is for non-negative percentages for the pause
> properties, though I could imagine negative percentages being used to
> overlap two portions of a document.  (Then again, user agents could not
> properly handle an overlap and still render a document while loading it...
>  I guess this would make negative percentages a Bad Thing.)

I guess it would. Anyone with a real good case for negative percentages
in ACSS pause-before, pause-after, and pause, make it now, or else a
clarification limiting them to non-negative values goes into the next

> [1] http://www.w3.org/Style/Group/WD-acss-970630

Er, actually


is not only world readable, it also has a shorter URL ;-)

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