Re: WebFonts

On Jul 30,  6:59pm, David Perrell wrote:

> I agree the content looks good, but has anyone else tried to view it
> with IE3.02?

No, since I don't have it. I did check it with IE3.01 and it looked just
fine. I was using the Mac version.

> It's not easy with sections 2-4 and 6-11 each indented
> relative to its preceding section.


>  I'm not sure this document is a good
> place to point out IE3.02's inability to close paragraphs without a <P>
> or </P>. Adding </P> prior to each </DIV> where applicable helps a lot.

Interesting. Yes, I just went to another office to try this on 3.02/Win95
and sure enough, it slides over to the right.

Microsoft makes Better Software on MacOS than on Win95/NT Shock Horror.

Since we are talking about rendering bugs, Communicator 4.01a (Mac) and
4.01p6 (SGI) have some problems with the spec too, losing margins and
font settings after a table, until the next </DIV>.

Sigh. The stylesheet is CSS1 and is correct.

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