Re: CSS vs. transitional markup [was: No Subject]

Douglas Rand wrote:
> In fact it requires applying a mapping to the attributes,  and
> the creation of some kind of temporary stylesheet.  It can't even
> be hacked by putting some sort of internal id on the element and a
> permanent change to the per-document stylesheet since the specificity
> would be wrong, and consider that the map between attributes and
> properties is different for each element.

How are inline CSS STYLE declarations handled? Seems to me the only
difference between CSS and HTML inline declarations is that one has
maximum precedence and the other minimum. Both are valid only within
the specific element instance in which they're declared. Once effective
attributes are resolved, trumped ones are discarded. Couldn't this be
done in one parse of the document, once the effective stylesheet is

If you're doing dynamic HTML, don't you need an attribute structure for
each instance of each element?

David Perrell