embedding 3.0-compatible markup (was [No Subject] (fwd))

MegaZone <megazone@livingston.com> wrote:
>Once upon a time Josh Paluch shaped the electrons to say...
>>I notice that in IE4 stylesheets don't trump <font> and <basefont>... is
>>this by design?  (at least on windows)
>>Of coarse, Netscape4 does just the oppisite (ie, if the same element is
>>defined by both CSS and <font>, then CSS wins, even if <font> is closer
>In this case I like the NS method better.
>It allows an author to use the old hacks for a while and still move up to
>CSS for newer users.

This problem might be alleviated if there were a way to control
the behavior of the font tag from within CSS. Imagine:

  .fancy { font: 16pt/18pt Garamond, Times, serif }
  font { disabled: true }

<H1 class="fancy"><font yadda yadda>Some stuff here</font></H1>

Of course, this isn't a good general solution, because it entails
turning off a tag globally, which may not be practical for tags
like the <b> tag. Another solution might be to have a "if no styles"
attribute which functions much in the spirit of the <noframes>
tag. It would allow one to embed formatting information which only
renders on non-styled browsers.

<H1 class="emphasized"><B nostyles>Stuff in here</B></H1>