Re: Proprietary extensions to CSS1 already?

On Jul 30,  5:09pm, E. Stephen Mack wrote:

> In Netscape's Dynamic HTML documentation (which still mentions
> PR 5 even though 4.01a is the latest version), there is
> a section called Chapter 3.1 Dyanmic Fonts [1].
> It contains this example:
> <STYLE TYPE="text/css"><!--
>     @fontdef url(http://home.netscape.com/fonts/sample.pfr);
> --></STYLE>
> No mention is made that @fontdef is an extension to CSS not
> covered in the official CSS1 specification, nor even a proposal
> offered in the Working Draft on Fonts [2],

Woah. This is just an update problem. They are using an older form
of the syntax, that's all. The @font-face rule was called @fontdef
in some drafts, it got changed about 6 months ago as I recall. Their
example *is* missing the {} and the name of the descriptor. It
should be written

<STYLE TYPE="text/css"><!--
    @font-face { src: url(http://home.netscape.com/fonts/sample.pfr);  }

Which is not a million miles from what they wrote. That same page you
quote notes that the syntax is not yet approved (which is true, although
it has been stable for a while and is unlikely to change so as to
invalidate stylesheets written to the current public draft, without
abundant good reason).

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