RE: User Style Sheets in PP2 (was Re: Issue 1: Font-weight and he adings)

Heh.  Yes, IE4 final has !important support.

Chris Wilson

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> Subject:	User Style Sheets in PP2 (was Re: Issue 1: Font-weight
> and headings)
> I wrote:
> >> And I can have an ! important declaration
> >> in my own user style sheet that will save me from seeing it
> >> when I'm viewing on-screen (I prefer Verdana now).
> Paul Prescod asked me:
> >How would you do that?
> IE 4.0 pp2 allows user style sheets. Create a style sheet file
> (such as mystyle.css) and put in it whatever rules you want,
> such as
>     BODY { font-family: verdana ! important; }
> Then go to View | Options, choose the General tab, click on
> Accessibility, put a check mark next to "Format documents using
> my style sheet", enter the path and filename for your style sheet,
> click OK then OK, then browse to a simple page.  Wait a bit.
> A crash?  Wonder if something has gone wrong.  Try to click on a menu.
> Hmm.  No response at all at all.  But lo, what's this?  The hard
> drive has stopped whirring.  The document appears, but without any
> Verdana.
> Hopes sink.  Fiddle with some menus a bit, but then realize you've
> made a mistake in your style sheet (D'oh, I meant font-family, not
> font-style.  I need a KGV for style sheets baaaaad...)  Exit from
> IE, rerun it again, reload the simple document.  Success!  Verdana.
> No more will hideous fonts like Times darken my screen.  This is
> almost as good as when Mosaic came out and let me customize
> fonts.  Marvel at the wondrousness.
> Then load in a page with some style sheets and realize that your
> ! important declaration is not obeyed by IE pp2, so the author
> style sheets are outweighing your user style sheet's ! important
> declarations.  Still, !important is promised in a future release.
> (Now that I know Chris Wilson's reading, I feel all atingle with
> power.)
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