Re: User Style Sheets in PP2 (was Re: Issue 1: Font-weight and headings)

Hakon Lie wrote:
> There's a limited number of element types in HTML and you can easily
> group them together and attach your personal rules to them. Classed or
> not.

The goal was not to banish all fonts, but a particular font, perhaps
because it is ugly, but perhaps because I have trouble reading it. I can
easily banish all fonts through an IE 4 checkbox. 
> Also, you should be able to turn off author style sheets and apply your
> own. 

Right, but this isn't solving the problem as it was described and it
isn't using the mechanism (!important) described. My question to Stephen
(offline) was how he would use the mechanism he described to solve th
problem he described.

What I'm asking for is a mechanism for me to map constructs in the
*rendered version* to other constructs. Particular fonts to other fonts,
particular colors to other colors, small text to big text, etc. To me,
that is more useful reader/author balance because the input to the
process is predictable: a fully rendered document, rather than
unpredictable: an unknown stylesheet with unknown classes using
!important in unknown places.

 Paul Prescod