Help Required

Hi There,
	The following is my Style Sheet. i.e. .css file

BODY { font: 9pt/11pt "Arial"; color: black; text-align: left;
background: "images/STACKS-BACK.JPG"; }
 P { font: 9pt/11pt "Arial"; color: black; background:
"images/STACKS-BACK.JPG"; }
 H1 { font: 18pt/18pt "Arial"; color: black; font-weight: bold;
background: "images/STACKS-BACK.JPG"; }
 H2 { font: 14pt/14pt "Arial"; color: black; font-weight: bold;
background: "images/STACKS-BACK.JPG"; }
 PRE, TT, CODE, KBD, SAMP { font-family: monospace }
 A:LINK { color: red;  text-decoration: none }
 A:VISITED { color: chocolate; text-decoration: none; }

when i include this in any other file using
<link rel="STYLESHEET" href="style.css" type="text/css">
This is not working. I can't see the background specified in the style
Please treat this as urgent and help. I will be thankful to you.

Waiting for your reply
Thanks in advance

Anil Kelwalkar