Re: running IE3 and IE4 on the same computer [was: Issue 1: Font-weight and headings]

Yes, but when "cutting off old technologies" translates into "cutting off
part of my audience," then this MS "feature" becomes an annoying bug.
Eventually, yes, we'll have to abandon IE 3 as a primary "platform" to
design for. But for now, it's simply too ubiquitous to ignore. To echo a
phrase we've been hearing here lately, prudent Web designers need to design
for *both* versions for now. And unless you have two Windows machines on
your desktop, that's near impossible!

Hence the ARGH!!!


At 06:48 AM 7/28/97 -0700, Gordon Blackstock wrote:
>Actually, this is one of the best "features" of the MS browsers.  The
worst part of web development is having to accommodate people who are still
using versions 1 and 2 of Navigator - "crippleware."  The features of the
level 4 browsers [vs. level 3 and below] approach the differences between
Lynx and the first version of Mosaic.  At some point, as developers, you
have to make the hard decision to cut off old technologies;  how many of
you still write and/or compile programs that will run on an 8088 or an
80286?  Better still, any TRS-80 UA authors out there? 
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>>(I'd like to 
>>confirm, but unfortunately Microsoft won't allow me the pleasure of 
>>running IE3 and IE4 on the same computer.)
>May I just say, quickly and with great passion, in full agreement: ARGH!!!
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