Re: Issue 1: Font-weight and headings

Todd wrote:
>>The first issue that will be problematic is specifying a default
>>font size -- what units?  What face?  Perhaps this is one area
>>where we shouldn't have our "default" stylesheet make a declaration.
>12-point Times is the default for <body>; 12-point Courier for <code> and
>like elements. This stylesheet would be designed to be overridden in the
>cascade (including user "appearance dialog" settings), so it doesn't really
>matter what the initial values are.

Can't we do better than to perpetuate the disastrous use of Times as a default font? For online reading, 'Palatino/Book Antiqua' is far more legible, don't you think? Seems to me it's just as ubiquitous these days, no?

Don't you think Times is way too narrow to suit low res screens? 
After all, if we're talking about setting a good example ;-)


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