!important (was Re: Issue 1: Font-weight and headings)

At 7:22 PM -0700 7/27/97, David Perrell wrote:
>Todd Fahrner wrote:
>> FWIW, I think a user's !important declaration should have highest
>> There's no need for an authorial !important when author's normal
>> declarations enjoy pride of place anyway.
>If the lowest !important took precedence over all higher-ranked
>declarations -- including other !important ones -- readers and authors
>would think long and hard before using it. Authors because it would be
>meaningless. Readers because it could obfuscate an author's intended

Precisely as it should be, I think. What's to be gained by spreading out
the drama? Can you provide an example that shows the downside of a simpler
cascade? I have tried, and could come up only with rare "performance art"
examples, like http://www.jodi.org .

Todd Fahrner

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