Re: Issue 1: Font-weight and headings


At 03:42 PM 27/07/97 -0700, Todd Fahrner wrote:
>At 2:15 PM -0700 7/27/97, David Perrell wrote:
>>E. Stephen Mack wrote:
>>> At this point, I think it becomes ESSENTIAL for the UA to
>>> release their default style sheet.  That will make working
>>> with style sheets much simpler.
>>In any case it looks like prudent authors will have to declare style
>>for all elements they use.
>Right. So what do y'all say we harness some of the smarts and energy here
>to produce an exhaustively-specified "default" stylesheet for all HTML 4

I'm not sure that all elements used should have all (applicable) CSS 
properties set.  An exhaustive style sheet would override all (non-
!important) user styles, which seems to go against the idea of Cascading 
Style Sheets.  I recognize that the cascade does not always give optimal 
results, but I think that we have to trust it, or at least give it a 
chance with some real implementations.

As an author, I don't want to have to decide every single style for the 
user.  There are some properties that the user is able to decide better 
than me.

>Not a "designery" one, but one representing typical
>out-of-the-box rendering of all HTML elements in the dominant browsers.
>We'll know we're done when we can't tell whether it's being appled or not
>(assuming correct CSS implementations, of course, and no changes to user

Then what we're doing is trying to defeat the cascade.  If we dislike the 
cascade this much, perhaps it'd be better to attack the problem at the 
source and change the cascading model of CSS.  (FWIW, I'm satisfied with 
the cascade.)

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