Re: Issue 1: Font-weight and headings

E. Stephen Mack wrote:
> Which version of IE are both of you using?  When I put that
> declaration in IE 4.0 platform preview 2 (no shell integration)
> on a Windows 95 system, the Headings are still rendered in their
> customary size for me.

Not wanting IE4p2 on my primary workstation if I can't also keep 3.02,
I am still using 3.02.
> IE 4.0pp2, on the other hand, keeps headings large and bold
> and emphasized text in italics.  The entire document does
> take on sans-serif though, so I can see that this font
> property is inheriting its way down.

I think MS has stated there is a default stylesheet for IE4, so this
would definitely be the correct behavior if font-family were only
declared in HTML or BODY.
> At this point, I think it becomes ESSENTIAL for the UA to
> release their default style sheet.  That will make working
> with style sheets much simpler.

In any case it looks like prudent authors will have to declare style
for all elements they use.
> Not necessarily, because font-style (normal | italic | oblique)
> comes before font-weight ( normal | bold | [etc.]) in the
> font syntax.  Go back to your test document and put in
> an ADDRESS element and an EM element, then see what your
> version of IE does.

If inheritance overrides one, it should override all. But this is the
ancient 3.02, so inconsistency is normal.
David Perrell