vertical-align: inherited: no (why?)

Neil St.Laurent writes:

 > Why is vertical-align not inherited?

Good question. Suppose this rule:

  SUP { vertical-align: super }

Then, with this markup:


You get something a la

  |  |

Now, say you would like the two "l" letters to have a differnet color:

  <P>M<SUP>e<SPAN STYLE="color: red">ll</SPAN>e</SUP>

If vertical-align had inherited, the vertial-align value for the SPAN
element would have been 'super'. Then the two "l"s would be
superscripted relative to the parent, which is not the "M", but the
"elle". I.e., you would have had a superscript to the superscript --
probably not what the author wanted. 


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