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On Jul 18,  4:34pm, David Perrell wrote:

>   <http://www.hpaa.com/css1/emsizing.html>
> is a demonstration page with all measurements in ems, including
> margins, indent, line-height, and font-size. There is a link to a
> screen dump from my system.
> Theoretically, this should be equally legible on any machine, including
> a 72ppi Mac. Comments and screen dumps would be greatly appreciated.

In NSN4.01p6 for SGI, changing the default size in preferences (anywhere
between 8 and 32 pt) had no observable effect. Book Antiqua was not
present, Palatino was (in BDF format at 100dpi and with these sizes

                                    ^^^---- size in centipoints
                                 ^^-------- size in pixels
it was also available in Type1 format


but was not selected due to the bitmap version being found first.

Verdana was present (an experiment, converting the TrueType into Type1).

The screen was fairly high-res and supported 24bit color; resolution
was close to the 100dpi the fonts assumed:

screen #0:
  dimensions:    1280x1024 pixels (350x280 millimeters)
  resolution:    93x93 dots per inch
  depths (5):    1, 8, 12, 15, 24


There were some odd effects on the last two lines, depending on resizing
the last line of text would disappear.


Results in NSN4.01 for Mac were similar. Book Antiqua was not present
either, Palatino and Verdana were. Here are two dumps, with and without
smoothtype extension


Results with IE3.01/Mac were as others have reported ;-)

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