Re: font sizes in ems: a clarification

Gayle Kidder wrote:
> 1) MSIE appears to render an em the same size as a point. The glitch
> captured from David Perrell's demo, however, demonstrated that if you
> change font size using the View/Fonts menu, it only affects the first
> rendering (which was font-size: 1em) but does not scale the rest of
> page accordingly (i.e., font-size: 2em is relative to the original
> size but not the new resize).

On the demo I fixed to accommodate Netscape's 'missing </P>' bug


the relative sizes change when I change the browser's default size.

> 2) NS4 does not render an em the same size as a point, nor does it
> to use the reader default. This led to my assumption that it was
> the font larger for an em and therefore one needed a scale-down
> to spec in ems. This latter you can see with NS4 on a new, cleaned up
> demo at:
> http://www.beachmedia.com/www/emdemo1.html

You have used a SPAN for the 1em text inside your classed P element.
Therefore, since em refers to the parent element, the 1em text will be
the same size as the parent paragraph: 10pt. What is happening here is
correct, except in the case of Verdana on NSN, where the 1em Verdana is
larger than the 10pt.

David Perrell