Re: font sizes in ems

David Perrell wrote:
> The default size, the 100% size, and the 1em size should be the same,
> but they are not.

Why is this true?  An em-space isn't necessarily the same as the font
height.  The font height should be the basis for the relative
(percentage) size,  not the em-space width.

> 100% and 1em should refer to the browser default if the default has not
> been changed by an author stylesheet declaration, and it appears that
> neither N nor IE do an exact match. I wonder why this is so.

I'm guessing that you (unfortunately) picked a font where an em-space is
about the same as the font height.  That's why it's almost right.

Why do people think it's a good idea to specify font sizes in terms of
ems?  I understand percentages, points, pixels, inches, mm's etc.,  but
not en or em spaces.

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