Re: font sizes in ems

Chris Wilson (PSD) wrote:
> Gayle, I don't understand what the problem you're seeing with IE4.0
> is.  As far as I can tell, we render this correctly - in fact, we
> your first page correctly if you set the font-size explicitly on
> _AND_ <TD>.  The first line (explicit 10pt) is the same size as the
> second (1em), as I believe it should be - and the third line (.9em,
> etc.) is smaller, as it should be.  These do not scale when you
select a
> different default font size (I don't believe they should).  Am I
> something?

With NSN4.01, 1em Verdana is considerably larger than the 10pt Verdana.
How do they manage to do this?

Did you see Gayle's screen shot at

The default size, the 100% size, and the 1em size should be the same,
but they are not.

100% and 1em should refer to the browser default if the default has not
been changed by an author stylesheet declaration, and it appears that
neither N nor IE do an exact match. I wonder why this is so.

David Perrell