RE: Cascading Style Sheets

A quick note on the subject of the year old demos posted on our site,

We'll be replacing the old stuff with new CSS demos when IE4b2 is
released to the public. These will essentially be there to promote IE's
font embedding technology, just as the current demos are there to
promote our core fonts. 

At this time we'll archive the old pages and put a warning page in their
place. This will link to the archive so that people linking to them or
typing in the URLs from books and magazines won't be disappointed. 

As has been noted, It's impossible to use CSS to create interesting
pages that work well in all the current browsers that claim support for
CSS, let alone those that don't. This is because things like CSS layers
aren't in IE3, and margins behave differently in different

If anyone can point us to interesting CSS pages that don't use margins
or tables and work in all the browsers that claim CSS support then we'd
love to see them. To the best of my knowledge they don't exist and never

Personally I believe interesting CSS enhanced pages are always going to
be browser specific - in this sense degradability isn't going to be an

Microsoft Typography