Re: Pixels 'n points (CSS1 browser test)

   Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 02:32:39 +0200 (MET DST)
   From: Hakon Lie <howcome@w3.org>
   Resent-From: www-style@w3.org


    >    By the way, is it generally considered good form to send an
    > 'introduction' message to the list when joining, or are such things
    > optional, or even discouraged?  Just curious...

   It hasn't been customary up till now, but feel free to set new
   precedence. FYI, there's roughly 370 subscribers at this point..

keep in mind that if there are lots of introductions on this list,
i will arrange for the total to be around 369 subscribers.

there are a few cases where it may be worthwhile for someone to mention
who they are.  people writing browsers (such as myself) and standards
documents, as well as the www.htmlhelp.com people, probably should
in a few cases write one paragraph explain who we are.  (I'm writing
the GNU web browser, which I really should get back to instead of
rambling on at you guys.)

However, the reason I read this list is because I'm looking for technical
info.  If something comes from, say, Doug Rand at SGI, who is writing
another browser, then his comments can be very helpful, and knowing
that he is writing a browser provides useful context.  Or when
howcome makes some comment about the CSS1 spec, it helps that I
know that he was one of the authors, so his comments on it are
pretty authoratative.

But in most cases, I don't really need this context.  I don't, for example,
care if people find CSS1 exciting.  I do think it's a good technology,
but testimonials don't help me to accomplish my goal, which is to
write a better browser.

Of course, I may be being a little be self-centered here.  And I think
it is OK to see occasional explainations written to help web page
authors understand the specs.  But in a lot of cases, they learn what
they could learn just as well by reading the specs.

Let's refrain from having a long discussion about how we should run
www-style.  Usually I would stay out of this type of discussion,
but howcome is someone I respect greatly, and I disagree with his
judgement here.  If you really do need to argue, please just send
mail to the few of us interested, and hopefully howcome will set
the policy after our off-list discussions are over.