Re: CSS1 Support on the Macintosh site


At 07:07 PM 30/06/97 +0200, Chris Lilley wrote:
>On Jun 27,  6:05pm, Liam Quinn wrote:
>> With Netscape 4.01 for Win95, I've observed problems with the 
>> attribute on linked or embedded style sheets.  Netscape appears to
>> ignore any style sheet that is linked or embedded with a MEDIA 
>> other than "screen".  For example, MEDIA="screen, projection" will
>> cause the style sheet to be ignored even if the output device is a
>> screen.
>Opaque strings vs substring match. Sounds easy for them to fix -
>you reported it as a bug, I trust.

Yes, I did, but I've reported a lot of CSS bugs to Netscape, many of 
them before 4.0 went final.  Not many were actually fixed.  (My 
biggest disappointment was that the need to have JavaScript enabled 
to see Cascading Style Sheets was not fixed, even though I reported 
that in an early beta.)

>> Netscape also ignores any style sheets explicitly declared
>> with MEDIA=all.
>The MEDIA stuff is relatively new.

Yes, I was surprised to find Netscape 4.0 recognizing the MEDIA 
attribute at all.

>> And MEDIA=screen style sheets are applied when
>> printing.
>Good and bad - so, they support style sheets for printing!  This is
>encouraging. Are any of the CSS print extensions supported ? 
>they would have to be mis-labelled as media=screen for this to 

In my quick test, I couldn't find any support for the CSS printing 
extensions.  I tried

@page { size: landscape }
h2 { page-break-before: always }

since they seemed like they'd be fairly easy to implement, but 
Netscape 4.01 ignored those rules (while applying other rules in the 
MEDIA=screen linked style sheet).

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