Re: CSS1 Support on the Macintosh site

On Jun 27,  6:05pm, Liam Quinn wrote:

> With Netscape 4.01 for Win95, I've observed problems with the MEDIA
> attribute on linked or embedded style sheets.  Netscape appears to
> ignore any style sheet that is linked or embedded with a MEDIA value
> other than "screen".  For example, MEDIA="screen, projection" will
> cause the style sheet to be ignored even if the output device is a
> screen.

Opaque strings vs substring match. Sounds easy for them to fix -
you reported it as a bug, I trust.

> Netscape also ignores any style sheets explicitly declared
> with MEDIA=all.

The MEDIA stuff is relatively new. I expect they could fix this one
in a minor release.

> And MEDIA=screen style sheets are applied when
> printing.

Good and bad - so, they support style sheets for printing!  This is
encouraging. Are any of the CSS print extensions supported ? (presumably
they would have to be mis-labelled as media=screen for this to work).

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