CSS1 Support on the Macintosh site

   For those of you on the list who are Mac users-- and I know you're out
there-- I've recently updated my "CSS1 Support in Macintosh Web Browsers"
pages.  The information contained therein now covers MSIE 3.01 and
Navigator 4.01, with both commentary and tables which obsessively document
the support status of just about every CSS1 property.  It all starts at:


From that page, you can get to the rest of the site using either document
links or the graphic navigation panel.  It can be an interesting look at
just how well (or badly) CSS1 is supported out there in the real world.  I
don't pretend to have discovered every quirk in the various browsers, of
course, so all observations, suggestions, and corrections are welcome,
either via the list or direct e-mail.
   Share and enjoy.

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