Re: CSS enhancement proposal

At 2:50 PM +0200 6/23/1997, Chris Lilley wrote:

> Anyone who still pretends that a point is a pixel is in for a shock;
> you can get monitors from other vendors than Apple nowadays, and the
> Fat Mac 512k version has also been superceeded ;-)

It's not a question of the monitor's actual pixel density, but of the Mac
OS's dogged failure to account for higher densities when displaying type.
The Mac OS displays points as pixels, which is accurate only at 72 dpi. By
default, all Windows boxes display points as 1.25 pixels, which is accurate
only at 96 dpi. You're more likely to be able to change the pixel/point
ratio on Windows.

My point is that until OS's/UAs get a lot smarter, it will be ill-advised
to specify points in CSS without making some educated guesses about what
might happen, and compensating. Scripting-language hacks can at least help.

Todd Fahrner