Style Sheets QUICK & EASY with StyleMaker

Dear Style Sheet User,

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Would you like to create your style sheets (CSS1) in an easy to use, friendly 
graphical interface which can allow you to design a host of visually effective 
style sheets in a matter of minutes? Would you like the capability of applying 
your styles to your entire web site with one click, ready for publishing?

Well, try Danere StyleMaker version 1.1 is now! Visit:
to download your FREE evaluation copy.

"What's new in Version 1.1?"

- CSS1 advanced properties 
- More intuitive interface
- New 'program settings' dialog 
- Faster homepage previewing 
- Addition of 'Web Safe Colors' 
- More style sheet samples 
- Configurable preview area 
- Linkage with your HTML editor 
- ToolTips added

See what the reviewers have been saying:

"(StyleMaker) is bustin' competitors like Microsoft's nuts....I feel sorry for 
their competition."; "a very complete application with excellent 
functionality." Joe Tucker, c|net

"If you want to stay cutting edge in the Web Design field, you had better take 
a look at (StyleMaker)......one of the first products I've seen that easily 
allows you to create a variety of Style Sheets for your Web pages." Dave 
Central, was also one of the top downloads at http://www.davecentral.com.

"StyleMaker is a visual design tool for creating CSS1 Style Sheets." W3C - the 
WWW standards body.

Scores 4.5 out of a possible 5 at TUCOWS (http://www.tucows.com)

Once you have tried StyleMaker, please tell us how we can improve the 
software! Every suggestion given to us has a part in the next update of the 

- Regards,

Daniel Nolan
Danere Group